Thursday, October 2, 2014

Disney's Old Key West & DVC Rental Store Review

When we finally made the decision that we were absolutely going to Disney, no more backing out, no more excuses, I jumped into research and planning mode. I know plenty of people that are happy to call an agent, fork over money, and show up at the right place at the right time. Not me!!! I like to be fully immersed in the insanity. Mulling over 13,564,534,782,395 options and second guessing every choice I make is my idea of fun. It's even more amusing to watch the hubs and child glaze over when I ask them for their opinions. Yes, there is something truly warped and wrong with me. It's ok, though, because in the end, I plan one hell of an amazing vacation that can easily rival any professional *insert giant hand patting my back*

So, how did I go about planning this incredible vacation that I keep raving about? Well, for starters, I didn't jump on the rack rate prices that Disney throws out there. Nope. I want luxury and comfort and beauty, but I don't want to have to pay for it eternity. So, I started searching. I knew there was a way to get everything I wanted. I looked and looked and read and read. I asked a lot of questions. I even got into arguments with moderators of certain Disney boards who are intent on pushing certain businesses and refuse to allow questions about other businesses. Yeah, I am hardcore like that.

Then, I found it. I think I might have even heard angels singing when the bright, thumbs up logo came across my screen, I had found the Holy Grail. Ok, maybe it's a little dramatic, BUT they are really, really awesome! This company rents out points from Disney Vacation Club owners and allows you to stay in top resorts on Disney property for the cost of a value or moderate. From their customer service(Thank you, Lindsay, for replying to me during YOUR Disney vacation!) to the ease of their rental tools and applications, I cannot stress enough how incredibly easy and affordable it was to rent a villa from them. I would not hesitate to rent from them again and I highly recommend them to everyone planning a vacation, whether it is one night or ten. You won't be disappointed!

So, who is ready to see this amazing place?

Old Key West was beautiful beyond words. I regret that I did not get more photos of the exterior as my pictures just don't do this resort justice. The original DVC resort, it is fashioned in the Key West theme with pastel colors, a relaxed Jimmy Buffett feel(They played his music throughout the resort!)  and a fun array of activities. It has the Disney feel without being overly characterized and you don't feel like you are immersed in Disney 24/7/ This was a giant plus for the hubs.

Morning view from the dock
Light House Sauna


Stitch enjoyed the Mickey towels

We had a studio villa which was huge! Two queen beds, a giant bathroom, a kitchenette, large closet, and a lovely balcony that looked out onto a little fountain and pond. Again, I was horrible about resort photos.

The bathroom had a lovely beachy theme

Fully stocked with plates, cups, silverware
 Now, I truly understand how some people can come to Disney to just "get away" without ever stepping foot in the parks. This resort had something for everyone. There was a restaurant, Olivia's, that was nice for  filling meal. just looking for a quick bite? Head around the corner to Goods to Go!

Checking out some hidden Mickeys at Olivia's

As for the activities, there is something for everyone. You can take a dip in the many pools on site, let the kids run free on the playground, or laze away in the hammock. There is a tennis court, shuffle board, and a community hall that has every activity you can imagine. We spent a rainy night or two making pictures and crafts there. Wander down to the fire pit around 7pm for some s'mores and a movie(all Disney, of course!)

The slide alone was worth the stay at this resort!

There are many options for Disney lodging. Some people may even prefer to stay off site, but I can assure you that after this experience, we are totally spoiled! Grumpy AKA hubs, who wasn't even excited about this trip, has already commented on the possibility of going back there(or to one of the other villas) and has even suggested that we may eventually want to consider buying into DVC. Holy Moly!!! Disney REALLY is a magical place!

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